A video baby monitor has a video camera that transmits pictures to the receiver by plugging it to a television or by using a portable LCD screen. The best thing with it is that it has the feature of night vision thus enabling you to see the baby in a dark room by using infrared LEDs which are attached in front of the camera. Advanced models of baby cams are also available which allows you to monitor your baby through use of your smart phone or even a computer. Some of them do have built-in lullabies that sooths your baby and also night lights for clear view at night. Those with temperature monitoring devices allow you to know if the room temperature is good for your baby to sleep in.

Features to look for when buying a video baby monitor

Quality of the video

In order to clearly see your baby when you are working or away from home then make sure to choose that transmits video and image of higher quality.

Wireless monitors

Security cameras which are wired always require drilling of holes and wiring both your room and that of the baby which may be too hectic. Wireless monitor is however a great choice to go for as you can be able to carry it around. Always choose one that has a strong Wi-Fi signal are such models with antennas are available that ensures Wi-Fi signal is improved and loss of signal or interference is eliminated.

Night vision

A camera with a good night vision is essential to allow you have a clear vision of your baby and his surrounding while sleeping at night. Presence of infrared LEDs enables it work at low light or even in dark surroundings.

Mobile control monitors

Regardless of your baby being taken care by a nanny you may want to always know how your baby is doing and in such a case a compatible phone comes in handy. The best thing is that you can always receive notification via your email whenever a motion is detected. This helps prevent tragedies from happening to your baby.

Audio feature

This enables you to hear your baby and see what he is doing making it easier to communicate with someone who may be in the house to look at the baby when you are not around.


Always go for one with security features which are hard to be intercepted to prevent other people from viewing what your baby does without your approval. One using DECT digital technology is always the best choice but if you are using your phone then always make sure that the password is well protected.

Ability to expand

If you intent to monitor more than one child in different rooms then choose one that accommodates more than one camera.


Depending on the range it is designed to cover then choose one that suits you since the range it covers is much shorter compared to that of audio monitors.

Interference from other devices

Always choose a digital monitor with a DECT model since interference from other models that uses the same frequencies will be minimal.

Parent unit size and control

A wired video baby monitor is suitable for a large video screen making portability hard but a wireless video monitor is the best if you want one to carry around. Ability to control brightness and switch it on or off is what you should consider. Adjusting the brightness should be possible to enable you sleep at night. The ability to zoom, tilt or pan the camera is also important as you will be able to view more than one spot of your baby’s room. Buy one that you can be able to operate even when tired.

Safety tips

-Always keep the monitor out of the crib.

-If using monitor with cords then make sure to tuck them in the sheets since the baby may play with it and end up being strangled.

-Keep it high away from where it can get wet.

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