Be a better person from today

When every year starts, we set up resolutions to work hard, to workout and to save more. We however forget these resolutions mid January and live life as we lived the previous year. How about if someone told you that you can start a fresh not next year but now. Yes this very moment.

In the book, the power of now by Eckhart Tolle, he says that there is nothing like leaving for the future but all that one should be focused is on the now. Nothing else but the now. It is only in the now that you are assured of making better decisions, It is in the now that you can make radical changes in your life.

If you have a dull and bad past. You can change all that in the now. If you killed people or binge ate in the past, you need not bleed over that. No, you can change all that in the now.

At the same time, it is only in the now that you can change your future. If for example you want to have a big house, make that plan NOW to start investing towards that dream. If you want to be leaner and to look great in the future, change that in the now. Yes, the NOW. It is only in the now that you can kill the anxiety that comes with planning and predicting the future.

Lets for example say that I binge ate and took too much alcohol in the past and want to be a better person. I need to make that decision now to stop binge eating, to start going to the gym, to get the best fat burners to cut out the much weight that I have put and focus into the future with optimism and hope.


Published by MwaliiKe