I weigh approximately 380lbs and I have been looking for well, ways how to to lose weight and all that kind of thing. But there is one thing that I have never spoken about. And that is my hectic time trying to wash my body or even wipe my ass. Well, you might feel that I should not talk about this but the truth is that I have been to hell and back and I would never want someone else to go through what I have been through trying to get help wiping their butts.

You see I am really big and my hands are pudgy and somehow short. Blame that on my genes where my father himself exhibited the same characteristics. And so did my grandfather and the man before him. So, it is all genes. Bad genes I daresay. But because I am the type of person who likes to do things rather than cry over spilt milk, I started looking for ways to get better in wiping my butt after visit the toilet.

And this is when I stumbled over the freedom wand review. Well, there are other butt wiping tools such as bottom buddy, comfort wipe and Buckingham easy wipe but the best for me was the freedom wand.

Why freedom wand

The freedom wand wiping tool not only have a wiping functionality but can also be used for the following:

  • Washing and scrubbing your body
  • Smearing ointment after a bath
  • Shaving your unreachable body parts

On comparison to other gadgets I also found out that freedom wand was better because of the following:

  • Can reach longer distances since it comes with a head, extender and handle—all are long enough
  • Can hold both wet wipes, tissue paper
  • Comes with a shaver
  • Has the best grip ever

Where to buy the wand

Freedom wand can be bought directly from their website www.freedomwand.com or you can order it too from amazon here.


Published by MwaliiKe