In today’s post, we will try to answer as many questions as possible on legal supplements that are alternatives to anabolic steroids. For those who have not yet read our last post where we said that testogen is one of the best legal steroids, I think it would be important to point out the difference between anabolic and legal steroids. Now before the FDA cracked down on anabolic supplements, they were the most powerful steroids ever. People used them to get bulked, ripped and add stamina in a matter of weeks. Steroids such as dianabol were highly reputed world all over for their effect on the bodies.

It was however found out that these anabolic steroids were really harmful. They caused all types of fatalities such as heart attacks, blood pressure and aggravated the levels of cancer. Seeing how harmful they could get, the FDA decided to scrape them off labelling them as unapproved. Pharmaceutical manufacturers were however put on pressure by their clients who wanted to hear nothing but energy giving supplements. They therefore had to come up with supplements which are anabolic steroids alternative and do not have the adverse side effects that the former had.


Now, let’s dig right into the frequently asked questions about these legal alternatives to steroids.

  1. Do legal steroids work?


Yes, these legal alternative to anabolic steroids do indeed work. This question has been tackled and the list of steroids that work given.


  1. Do these steroids have side effects?


Yes, legal steroids also do have side effects such as acne, aggression as well as shrinking testicles when taken in excess. I also warn people with diabetes, pregnant and nursing mother, cancer and cardiac patients to keep away from steroids.



  1. What is the best bulking steroid?


An analysis conducted at showed that crazy bulk dbal is the best bulking steroid. In the comparative study conducted to reveal which between marine muscle gunner and crazy bulk dbal is superior, it was concluded that while marine muscle gunner is great for both bulking and cutting, crazy bulk was the real deal in bulking.

legal steroids that work
The legendary Arnold revealed he was on steroids


  1. What is the best steroid for cutting and getting ripped?


Crazy bulk anadroll is the best steroid for cutting and getting ripped. Anadroll is made from high quality organic fat burners that incinerate all the fats in your body producing energy and at the same time making you look leaner.


  1. Do I need to exercise and eat strict diets to see positive results with legal steroids?


Bodybuilding steroids do not work on their own. You need to eat well as well as exercise to see great results. A study though has shown that if you were to sit your bum and take bodybuilding steroids for 2 months, you would still see bulking results. However, these results will not be as pronounced as what would be observed in another person who is living healthily (eating well, exercising) and taking legal steroids.


  1. How long will it take me to bulk with crazy bulk dbal?


If you take crazy bulk dbal three pills per day for 60 days with consistent exercise and great diet, your body will get ripped like you have never seen. Crazy bulk dbal is made with natural ingredients that help your body retain as much nitrogen as possible. With a spike in your nitrogen retention, you are assured that your protein sythensis will increase too.


  1. Will testogen help with my libido?


Testogen is the best sex pills for men. They help you get back on track in your bedroom matters. If your spouse is complaining that you are no longer hitting it as well as you used to do earlier, get a testogen dosage and see how well things will go with you. Luckily, there are testogen coupon codes on the merchant’s website and therefore, you are assured that you will get your sex pills at the most affordable price ever.

8. Can I use phentermine to lose weight?

You have already heard that phentermine, that one weight loss solution that had been praised by all and sundry is no longer healthy to use. Well, the FDA has slapped a ban on the product since it would cause very many complications with users facing all forms of problems from anxiety, dizziness. Today, anyone who sells you the product is doing some black market illegal trade and should be reported.

Thankfully, there is a replacement of this with phenq which is a great weight loss product. Phenq is healthy, natural and will get you losing 2 pounds per week. It contains 60 pills which you are supposed to take two every day: one in the morning and the other at lunch. Without exercise, this diet pill will get you lean in a very short time. You can read the phenq diet pill review here.


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